What is the best way to secure web code?

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Hi Warriors,

Say I write a website and I want to protect the code (PHP) from being viewed/stolen. Is security best applied somehow in the code, or do I apply an external security utility to the code after it is written, for example an encrypter?


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    first, if you are not (sharing/selling) the code.. it is not viewable via the browser.

    if you are building a product/service that is deliverable and don't want the code viewed, you can encrypt it with ioncube. PHP Encoder, protection, installer and performance tools from ionCube: Home

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    imarketstuff: thanks - I want to protect my own created website. Will ioncube do this for me?
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    It is not possible for users to view your source code. The only thing they can see if is the formatted output which is the HTML. The raw PHP code itself is not accessible to the browser.

    Again, if you want to share the source code, you may want to use some sort of PHP encryption like ioncube.

    Good luck
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    There does not exist a way to really secure HTML, it isn't really something needed anyway due to browse compatibility and such. Because the HTML is required to view a web page, there really is no such thing as "securing" the HTML from having somebody view the source code of it.

    I do PHP development myself, and as mentioned, your PHP is secure since it is not viewable by the end-user.

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    Willmarathon: Just a comment about your question.
    I have an old link scrambler program (Affiliate Defender) that converts a standard link into a piece of compiled code and implements it into HTML using a script. It works, and with this code even if someone looks at your HTML redirect, they see only (mostly) random looking characters. If a link can be activated as a compiled code script, is it possible to code a standard HTML page as a compiled code script?

    Additional: I typed "html page encryption" into google for over 6 million responses. The first linked me to an online encrypter that did exactly what I suggested above. This may be the answer to your question about securing html. Whether it works for PHP and other code is unknown.
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