Need Help Adding An Expiration Clock To Website

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I'm trying to find some code to add a time stamp that counts down on my website. For example, "Order within the next 1:12:47 and receive a 10% discount. I don't care what type of format it's in but would like to be able to set the time to expiration and then have it automatically reset and start counting down again.

Does anyone know if there is some java code or a snipped out there that has this type of functionality?

Thanks fellow warriors!
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    hey there mfleisch

    here is a simple solution:

    JavaScript Countdown/Count-up Timer/Clock/Ticker for Web Pages

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      Thanks.. perfect. Just what I needed!
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        Justb a word of caution..

        make sure your countdown is actually real and after that time, the user can't do or get something..

        becuase if the user come back tomorrw and the script says, the same message again you could technically be conducting your business in an illegal manner.

        Sure, most of the time you will get away with it, but what happens if a lawyer comes a visiting?

        Just a heads up for you..

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