Coding an indexing tool?

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Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone could help me with a bit of coding, or at least tell me how I can do this.

I want to be able to have someone enter a URL into a form and press submit. From there a page will load up and have a series of websites with the url placed at the end.


Anyone know how I could achieve this?

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    Easily accomplished using the most basics of PHP. Just do a GET on their field form input (Eg, $domain), then do a simple print "$domain"; and you're set.

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    Yep very easy to code a bot in to do this

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    yes, it's easy to do.. so here's some code for you to tweak for you needs:

    grab the code and put it on your server, build your html form to (validate/submit) the url to the script and it will echo out the data formatted as you requested.

    example output:


    p.s. i'll be removing the script from my server tomorrow.


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    Use HttpWebRequest or WebClient in VB.NET - you'll get done what you need in no time.
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