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I am doing a launch and i am setting up a PRELAUNCH contest,

I need to track how many leads each JV is sending to my squeeze page and i have no idea how to track this.

I also need to figure out how to set up easy click mate and my squeeze page so my aweber captures affiliate ID so when i do my actual launch 2 weeks later, i can still save the affiliates comission.

can some one please help me

or point me to the right direction?
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    i made some posts on odesk no one really knows what to do
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    We might be able to help. Please check my sig for more information.
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    You could track the HTTP Referrer in a database?
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    The best thing would be to ask in warrion forum so that the help would be instantly given. SeanfromVanCity have you sorted your problems?
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      DO you have lots of JV's? because using something like tracking202 or Prosper202 you could just generate links for your JV partners and associate them with a user name.

      If you generate a 20 tracking links(with sub ids...maybe the JV's name or userame), and have a pixel on your conversion page... so either a purchase page or a thankyou page for a prelaunch opt in... whatever it is...

      You'll see that (User) recommended X amount of leads.

      It's kinda like my signature.... I can track what post someone purchases my WSO from.... so essentially I could give you the same link (with a different subid) and it would work the same way... only I'll know who you sent based on that sub id.

      ...again it's a bit of a process.. not complicated... but more of a manual approach. Which is why I ask how many JV's

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