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Hey there, Warriors

Hoping that Wordpress/jQuery/Ajax code-monkey Warriors might be able to help out...

I'd like to add collapsible sections right within my posts, but I don't know how to do it.

I've found tutorials for 3-tiered nav-menus using this effect, but I'd just like a single section in a WP post (so I can reveal the answer to a question posed in the post).

Also, I'm pretty sure WP won't let you run js in posts, right? I presume there are ways to override this using plugins... but I'm concerned about the security implications.

So my questions are:

1. Would anyone be able to direct me to a tutorial or plugin showing me how to do it, please?

2. What are the security risks and how might I mitigate against them?

Thanks very much!

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    Here's some self-contained code to do what I think you've asked. The second DIV remains hidden until the "reveal" link is clicked.

    You can put as many of these as needed in a post, but you must change the hidden-answer-1 to hidden-answer-2, -3, etc. (in both the link and the hidden div)

    HTML Code:
    <span onclick="document.getElementById('hidden-answer-1').style.display = 'block';" style="color: red; font-weight: bold; cursor: help;">Click to reveal answer</span>
    <div id="hidden-answer-1" style="display: none; border: dashed 2px #CCC; padding: 5px; background-color: #FFF68F;">
    This is the secret answer!
    I tested this in WordPress, but I use the straight HTML editor (not WYSIWYG) so you'll have to make sure that you flip over to code-editing mode when you paste this in.

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    There shouldn't be any security risks as long as the comments don't allow HTML and you're not granting blog post access to individuals who want to hurt your website.
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    Thanks guys, especially Ryan, for that gloriously simple piece of code, which worked a treat straight out of the box! Yay to that.

    Did some tooling around with the styles and within just a little while had on my blog EXACTLY what I was imagining in my head.

    Thanks again. Totally awesome.

    All the best,
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      As an add-on...

      I just found this tidy little plugin:

      Peter's Literal Comments

      It'll stop special characters being entered into your comment form, but you can edit a post and add HTML to it from the Admin panel if you want to.

      It's a real sweet plugin in my opinion!
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