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We are just about to release a brand new (link getting and content making) Wordpress plugin. Users have to register from within the plugin to make things happen. As they do that, I would also like them to be automatically subscribed to an aweber autoresponder series (I have the account set up as no opt in required). Is this just a simple matter of sending an email to mylistname@aweber.com from their email address? Would that do the trick? Please let me know. Thanks, Allen

PS Will give a beta copy of the plugin to any answerer.. thanks.
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    You could try to do what you suggest yourself, sending an email to the list from one of your email accounts.

    I think you need to activate the Email Parser first.
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    Yes, this works if it comes from the user's email address.
    its listname @ aweber dot com

    You do not need to activate email parsing

    Email Parser is built for capturing email addresses on confirmation messages from clickbank or paypal etc etc

    You can setup your own custom email parser but it requires setting up a confirmation email and then sending this to your aweber listname. If you can have your customers simply send an email to your aweber list name then this is the easier solution.

    Another option which could be even easier would be to build a webform on aweber and include this inside your plugin. This would automatically send the email to your list.
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