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I have a new problem that I don't have a clue how to solve.

I had a site built in .aspx with a .master file that most of the other pages are built from.

What I discovered too late, is that I can't figure out how to add on-page optimization, including meta tags, without messing with the programming.

So that means every page has the same title, description and keywords which I know is not helping this site (which can be seen at a website called sweetheartchecks

Can anyone enlighten me please on how to do this?

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    It sounds like you have a website that is pulling content from a .master file right ?
    but not the title, keywords etc.

    In order to fix this you have to look at the code there is no magic wand here.

    Normally the way this would be done is that variables are set for the whole page including the title, keywords etc

    Say for example someone typied into your search box 'golf shoes'
    then you would pull the relevant content for golf shoes but you would also set the Title of the page to be golf shoes by using code which would explain the title = 'keyword' (searched keyword entered by user) and then you would set the meta tags (keywords, description) to be auto-generated using either a master list or pulling data from a keyword tool.

    I would suggest you post a request on one of the outsourcing websites to get this fixed quickly.
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      Thanks for helping. As I figured, I'm in over my head without programming knowledge. I'll outsource this today.
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        you probably can do programatically under the page events
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