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Hi fellow Warriors - I have an issue with a wordpress blog that I hope someone could advise upon:-

I have a domain name which is registered with Godaddy. Hosting is with Hostgator. I have set the nameservers on Godaddy to NS1.HOSTGATOR.COM and NS2.HOSTGATOR.COM.
I have set up the domain as an add-on domain with hostgator. I have then tried to use Fantastico Deluxe to install a basic Wordpress blog at the add-on domain using hostgator Cpanel. Everything seems to work and I get no error messages, but when I try to view the blog I get a message saying:

Oops! Internet Explorer could not connect to xxxxxxxxxxxx.net

(where xxxxxxxxxxx.net is the add-on doamin name)

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong please?

kind regards
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    How long have you waited since changing nameservers?

    The last nameserver redirect I did took almost 3 days to fully propagate


    PS - Also, check all spellings
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    Hi there - I changed it all yesterday.....sounds like I need to wait longer?
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      Originally Posted by colinph970 View Post

      Hi there - I changed it all yesterday.....sounds like I need to wait longer?
      Yap, propagation is not complete yet. But you could already see what your site would look like using your IP address.

      Ex.[your cpanel username]

      Ping your main domain name and you should be able to get your IP address.
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    yeah the propagation hasnt finished yet..so just wait little more to get it working..
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    I'm pretty impatient when it comes to such things, partially because I have a pretty good understanding how DNS functions. You should try to query the A record at iptools.com or dnsstuff.com. If those show that the record exists, try flushing your local DNS cache. To do this, go to Start -> Run... and type 'ipconfig /flushdns' - if you can't get to the site after that, you may have to wait until your ISP's cache expires.

    If iptools.com/dnsstuff.com did not show a record existing, you may have to wait for it to propagate yet; however, you may want to go back and check at godaddy and your hostgator welcome email to verify that you're using the correct nameservers - I can't tell you how many times I've fat-fingered the keyboard (like right now - I keep mistyping!) or just plain got something wrong. It's good to double-check your work
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        Originally Posted by majin22 View Post

        I also purchase my domains from godaddy and host them on my hostgator account and I haven't had any problem waiting that long for the nameservers to propagate.

        I suggest you contact godaddy and see if there is a problem or you can also wait as the others have suggested

        yes, GoDaddy is my registrar too and generally propagations only take hours not days...around 6 hours though is fairly normal, sometimes a little more, sometimes less.
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    I'd go with majin22's suggestion. Contact godaddy's support.

    The last time I had a problem similar to this I've been told I had to wait for it to propagate but found out that I had a different problem (i think it was more of a redirection thing that I forgot I even setup).

    Most of the time it only takes minutes for my site to be accessible.
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    This might sound dumb, but are you sure your nameservers are ns1 and ns2? If you just bought the hosting they should be more like ns79 and ns80 or something.
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    I know this is a bit off topic ... but relates to the title of the forum. If you need WP help FAST (and I mean fast) there is WP Questions
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    I've had Godaddy domain propogations take up to 48 hours. Not sure why when I can use Netfirms and the propogation can take 15 minutes. I dont think Godaddy like you to have hosting elsewhere... so they slow things down.


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    Jackson Pollock was spot on guys - I had the nameservers set wrong.....they were a different number. Many thanks to all who responded ......it is very much appreciated!
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