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I'm having trouble at my blog with malware after a recent trojan on my PC gained access.

Hostgator removed the infected files, but I seem to be still getting blocked in firefox and the source of the google warnings are some 302 redirects.

What are these, and how do I remove them?

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    I have unfortunately experienced this problem before. Here is what I would suggest

    1. Make sure there are no files on your hostgator account that should not be there and go through every folder

    2. Delete any additional FTP users you have setup on your hostgator account

    3. Change the password on your main FTP user name on you hostgator account

    4. Install google webmasters tool on your site

    5. Run a check on the google webmasters tool and they will give you full instructions on how to request a review of your site

    6. If all virus are removed as you say then the site will be cleared and the message will no longer appear in firefox that your site is potentially holding spyware.

    What I have found out is that if you are using a standard ftp program and a standard FTP connection then all your ftp info is very easily accessed by viruses. In order to stop this I would advise to change your passwords regularly and check out with hostgator to how to setup a secure ftp access (SFTP).

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