300+ RSS Feeds to 300+ websites???

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Curious to know if anyone could recommend software or possibly create a website/app that would allow a user to:

1.) Input a RSS feed. (1 or more)
2.) Add an email address to send the feed to. (1 or more)
3.) Choose how many updates (items) to pull from feed. (1 or more)
4.) Choose real time, specific, or random updates of the feed. (within a given time period)
5.) Run on complete auto pilot and ability to edit the above options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :-)
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    Sounds a bit like the application my team is building right now for lead generation. Thanks for the inspiration for additional features!

    Never found any software that does exactly the things you specified. We don't have all those features, but our application could do it after some modification.

    send me a PM if you wanna test the pre-beta!
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    Rss rebound does some of what you want (combining feeds together) and mixing them up. If you want to pm me some specifics I can probably knock out what you want. Don't know of anything out there that does all that you asked for.
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    I think Yahoo pipes will do everything on your list
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    Didn't think you could e-mail pipes - but if you can he's right.
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