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I am trying to fix my clients site and need some help. He has a drop down form on his site. You pick the state and then the city and it goes to that city's page. I want to change the url of those pages to include a better keyword. I tried to rename the pages but that just came back with a 404 error. Obviously, I need to change the page url on the form file but having trouble locating which file in the directory would have that information. (btw, I didn't build the original site.)


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    see the error by one..... i can also take a look at this... PM me..
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  • If its a problem with the HTML of the form, then you can just run it through the w3c validator, this should pick up and issues you have (although its only going to pick up the HTML), it wont tell you if your PHP/ASP.NET, or whatever it is your using to proccess the form works or not.
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