Writing Aweber Form Data to A Cookie?

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I have an aweber opt in form. How would I save the email address entered to a cookie?

And then how would I retrieve that data, and autofill that email in another form in the site?

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    In a nutshell
    1. Your aweber form should have pass form data turned on.
    2. On your thank you page, you add a little script - can be PHP or whatever you're most comfortable with, to capture the email address that is passed through from Aweber after they subscribe. This script will set cookies and populate the form if it is on the same page OR you can also get it pass the email address onto a form on another page.

    All that is assuming you know how to capture data in the URL and write the code (very simple code). I actually have a video training that shows exactly how to do such things. Not being a regular here, I'm not particularly sure if it is OK to mention the training so I won't but going to my site and following through to TechBasedTraining will take you there.
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      Here's a good quick tutorial for writing information into a cookie: PHP Tutorial - Cookies

      Play around with that on your Thank you page.

      Good luck
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    Give it a review.
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