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Hello fellow warriors. I run a number of web sites, offering online marketing services as well as doing a good bit of affiliate marketing. I've recognized a need that I think can be solved through developing a piece of software.

I know that other internet marketers like Brad Callen have made a successful career out of developing easy-to-use software that automates some basic online tasks.

Do any of you have experience with developing software inexpensively? Unlike these "big" internet marketers, I don't have tens of thousands of dollars to pay a programmer.

I didn't know if there was a good way to find a programmer other than using Elance. If you have experience with software development and can recommend an affordable resource that's proven, I'd love a recommendation or some guidance.

As always, thanks for helping a fellow warrior!!!
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  • One strategy is to partner with a programmer and share a percentage of the profit.

    Many programmers on freelance sites like Elance work for peanuts (especially the ones from North America who try to compete based on price with programmers from countries like India, Russia, and the Philippines).

    Why don't you post some small jobs and establish a relationship with a few programmers who are knowledgeable, reliable, and willing to partner on a project where you provide the sales and marketing and they take care of the software development?

    This is an easy, risk-free way to develop software products with no money upfront.
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      I agree. If you are willing to do profit sharing then you can reduce your upfront costs significantly. In addition you will likely get better support from the developer if they are invested in the product, rather than kicking it out the door in the smallest amount of time. In order for profit-sharing to work, you would have to prove it has the potential too make money.
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    I develop web software for a living - PM me and we can discuss what it is that you're looking for and what arrangement we can make. I'd love to see what I can do to help!
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