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I could use some help.

I'm trying to create a custom aweber lightbox.

This is the type where you can add your own image and text and put it where I want it.

Using the templates I can only put text in a the header, an image directly below and the option below that.

I have seen many lightbox optin forms that have a nice box with an image to the side, different colored text and the option 1 or 2 line opin.

I have tried to get help from aweber but don't seem to have much luck.

I saw a recent example ar Kevin Rockewll's Marketing site.

Here is a screenshot I took.

Has anyone done this?

I wouldnt have thougt that this would be this difficult but at the moment I am at a loss as how to make one of these?

So where do I go from here?


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    I've never done a lightbox myself, because I personally don't like them, but I've worked with some guys who have. I believe you can set one up with your own arbitrary HTML inside.

    So, I would try & just get a random lightbox that displays some HTML, maybe a "hello, world" type thing working first. Then once you have that working you can cut & paste your HTML from your Aweber form inside that.
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      Don't know if this would help you out, I personally haven't used it but it should work.

      non-affiliate link: PopUp Domination | How To Explode Your Mailing List

      Otherwise you'll want to create a page in Dreamweaver or Kompozer that looks like how you want it to look and then add your form code, a lot of times people use pre-made templates and then add their own code.

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