Can Google Index Database?

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Does, or can, Google index your database by entering through your php code? How does that work? My database has bunch of duplicate content so I'm worried.
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    Relax, Google cannot actually read the database itself! They only index the pages that result from the data in your database.

    Not only would the Google spider have to determine the database name, server, username and password (and if you're clever you've hidden that below the HTML root of your site anyway) but it would have to understand the table structure of the database itself.

    Hope this sets your mind at ease!

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    Google can only follow links. If the pages that these links point to generate content by using php / mysql to populate these pages then yes Google can crawl the generated pages. If your browser can view a page then Google can see it.

    The only times when Google cannot see these pages is A) They are orphaned pages, ie - there are NO links pointing to them; or B) The content is hidden behind a login system.

    Also, Google cannot see your php code. PHP is server side.
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      Let me give you example. The php is a survey script.

      Ex: What is your favorite color?
      (the user clicks red)

      Next question:
      Why do you love red?
      Because i Do
      I think it is pretty
      (user clicks: I think it is pretty)

      And so forth. Just wondering can google spider that whole survey and index it for that page. If so, I have a problem and I need to keep them from doing that. Thanks.

      Sorry, ignorant when it comes to php and coding.
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        Ok, thanks guys for the help.

        I think the answer is no based on what you've said. Also, from what I'm reading and my script guys tell me, the survey is all loaded using Ajax.

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