How To Include A Counter That Shows Number Of Pledges Submitted

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Hi, I'm helping to work on a website for a non-profit organisation, which means there is no budget for them to pay a programmer to do all the work. That means I have to try to figure out everything on my own.

They would like to have a page for people to pledge their support for a cause, and at the same time show the number of people who have pledged.

I found a page on oprah's site which seems to meet the needs, but I don't really understand the source code.
Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge -

Q1: I would like to know how to add a code that allows tracking of the number of submission. They can see the number increase when they click 'submit'.

Q2: I would also like to know whether they used forms (javascript or php?) to do so.

Q3: Can an autoresponder help me with this e.g. getresponder survey, which would also collate the names and results?

Thanks a lot in advance!!
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    Q1 & Q2: To acheive this you will most likely need to use PHP (or any other scripting language). You set up the form on your website that sends data back to your PHP script.
    You need to set up a database on the server (MySQL for example which is provided by most hosting servers) which will hold all data that was sent through the form on your website. Your PHP script has to take the data, analyze it and write into the database table as a new entry.
    That way you'll have all the data you need in the database and you'll be able to track the number of submissions by counting the entries in the database.

    Take a look at this example which consists of a form and data reading script that puts the data into the database: My First SQL Database and PHP Form - GIDForums
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