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Good Morning Members,

I have a quesiton concerning h1 tags.

I have installed my h1 heading on the first page and my h2 heading on the second page. I want to install an h3 heading on the 2nd page as well. My question is When submitting my website to the search engines will they pick up on the headings of the second page even though I'm submitting the main page? I hope this makes sense. The site in question is in my signature. Thanks for your insight.
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    Yes they will!

    You can use H1, H2, H3 etc tags as many times as you wish on a page.

    H1 tags are bigger than H2, and H2 is bigger than H3 etc etc.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the feed back.
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    For good on page SEO it is best to have a H1 and H2 on everypage and try and get your keywords contained within them.
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      Originally Posted by clairecooper223 View Post

      For good on page SEO it is best to have a H1 and H2 on everypage and try and get your keywords contained within them.
      Yes this is true, you may also want to use some CSS to style your text. Doing so will allow you to keep getting the SEO boost from using the heading tags in your code - while controlling the presentation/look/feel of your page.

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    Yes its true that H1 and H2 header tags are good for site coz google give importance to these header tags.
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    But if Title 1 and Title 3 is a tree and its connection with my dwt. This means that my column 1 and column 3 is the same through the website. When you enter the site through search engines and search for the title tag. I guess a title is more important is reading the same item on every page.
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    You can choose wisely what to do about the H1 - H6 tags. Lets suppose the main Title of the page is Spanish Menu Items, then you can put "Spanish Menu Items" in H1 then if you further categorize it in "Veg Food" and "Non Veg" the both of the words must be in H2, The next Items can be a unordered list which can be easily picked up by the Search engine. I hope you got the theme and idea. If the items are on the same level, you can keep it in the same H(whatever 1-6) level. As you go deep, you can increase the number. It indicates the importance of anything. One being the most important. And of course you can use CSS for styling for the size and the color etc of the tags.
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      Never have more than one H1 tag on a page.

      David Neale

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          Originally Posted by yukon View Post

          That's true!

          Someone else above said use as many H1 tags as you want.

          Sounds like a bad idea to me...
          Actually guys, that is NOT true! Matt Cutts told me!! See the Google Webmaster Central videos where Matt says the a few h1 tags are fine on one page as long as content dictates it. But more natural to have one h1 in most cases. Google does not penalize more than one h1 unless a clear attepmt to stuff keywords into page.

          Ref keywords Ricky, you should have them in your h1 tag. And I see your meta description is stuffed full of keywords that will not help. As your page has little content you would be better off writing a clear prose description of your pages content. Note also that your domain name does not get reflected well in your h1 or meta description. Too many broad words, try adding software behind the main ones.

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    Yes, search engines will pick up. You can use H1, H2, H3 tags at one page as many times as you want.
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