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I hope this is the correct forum for this. I am currently with IxWebhosting. I have noticed that my sites have become real slow with them. Also, online, there isn't much said about them that is good. I am thinking about switching to a different host.

One problem I also noticed with their hosting, is on my wordpress sites, I can't modify the permalink structure to something nice. If I do, my website pages come up as page not found. I heard this can be a problem with some websites. I also bought a dynamic theme for wordpress, and it won't install properly with my sites.

So I want to change web hosts.

Do any of you know of good hosts, that offer at least 1 free domain registration so I can move my personal site over to the new host without registering the domain with a separate company, has a lot of data space, unlimited domain hosting, a lot of bandwith uses php 5 and apache servers, and you know that the permalink structure can be changed in wordpress. Also I have heard a lot of good things about cpanel.

I'm kind of a newb when it comes to hosting. I pretty much just went with ixwebhosting without really reading into them much. So for those of you who are pro, and know whats best for interenet marketers and those especially that use wordpress, it would be nice to have your input.

I want a host that can do everything wordpress needs to.

Also how hard is it going to be to transfer my wordpress site over to a new host? Is that difficult.
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    SEOHOST is a great class c host. You can assign different IP addresses to your sites and get better backlink rankings than if they all were on the same host IP.

    Your current host has a tab to "transfer domain" fill that out with the new info, update your name servers and add the domain to the new host.
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    elief.com is a really fast host that i've been using...they use LiteSpeed with cpanel and it makes all my sites load very quickly.
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    Thank you both. I'll check both these hosts out. If anybody else has recommendations, please let me know.

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    bluehost give all things, free domain as long you stay, unlimited bw and unlimited space.
    you can contact cs for transfering site, perhaps they can help you.
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      Hostgator is great and has plenty of options to choose from.

      They have great support that you can actually call and talk to someone.

      I have a reseller account and love the fact that each domain has it's own Cpanel.

      Installing Wordpress or Drupal is about as simple as it can get with Fantastico.
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    I'm assuming you only want shared hosting & not VPS, dedicated etc?
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      For shared hosting and really dedicated hosting I would reccomend HostGator. I have been using them for years with barely any issues at all. I have recently switched to joes datacenter for a cheaper dedicated solution and they have been flawless for the 4 months I've been using them. I don't know about free offers or other gimmics but I do know those 2 provide good service and excellent support.
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    bonjour guyz, im nouveau à ce forum.
    salut im nouvel ici.

    remerciements du poste. .
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    {edited because I am not sure if I should have listed the company's name, don't want to break the rules here}
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    I have to agree with digitalfiz

    Hostgator have been exceptional in my dealings with them and everything I want to do on my hosting - just works!


    Great Success is built from many little successes!

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    Site5.com mucho bettero

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