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Ok, you guys helped me out with my last question, but now I have another! And it probably is real simple but I am confused. When I enter in my Home title, Home Description, and Home Keywords in the all in one seo pack, I understand that that's for the home page. But for the home page content I have to make a post that also has to be filled out with the Title, description and keywords. Since it is on my homepage would it be exactly the same...I am super confused and hope that you guys can understand what I'm trying to say!
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    I think I understand what you are asking... The home page has it's own seo pieces that you filled out in the all in one seo setup (home) fields that have nothing to do with what excerpts or posts are contained within it... Assuming you have an active blog, your home page content will constantly be changing, but your seo data will be consistent from what you filled out for the Home title, Home description in your all in one seo fields.

    The distinction is when you actually go to the individual post itself. Once on the individual post page, that page then contains the seo data that you filled in specific to that post when you authored it and filled in the all in one seo details from within the post edit screen.

    I probably made that more confusing that it needed to be.. but hopefully it made enough sense.
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      Thanks man and that does make sense...but now if I was going to have a static home page and make a separate page for blogs, would my home page post all in one seo be identical to the actual home page seo. If that makes any sense to you whatsoever lol.
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      To make it simpler. The home page is going to be static. All in one seo pack home title, description, keywords=The all in one seo pack title, description and keywords of my first post on my homepage?
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    I understand what you're asking, and it's a valid point. You have made a page your Home page by selecting it as a static page, so the page-specific meta fields seem redundant.

    And I agree, they are!

    You really only need to fill in the home fields on the SEO Plugin.

    As Aperio said the reason for this is because WordPress by default uses Posts as the home page instead of a static page. You would want to optimize the posts individually. In your case, with a static page, it shouldn't be necessary.

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    This forum is awesome! Thanks!
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