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Hello, i have purchased a domain name and have it all set up. The domain name is very similar to my competitor except mine ends in .org i have done some research on the whole trademark thing and as far as im aware they have no trademark on there business name.

But seeing as they are my competitor i wanted to change the domain completly... so my question is, is it easy to add a new domain to my site and still have the other domain name. so i would have two domain names on the same site but have the new one as the primary.

Hope that makes sense...
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    I think this is not the right section of the forum.
    Anyway depends on the kind of name you have. If it's generic e.g.: "search-engine-optimization.org" is ok, but if it is a specific brand name like "coca-cola.org", I really suggest to change it!
    So if you decided to change it you made the right decision.
    With our provider (hostgator) we can have many domains under the same server, and it's quite easy to configure in cpanel.
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    Yes u can buy 1 more domain and point it to the hosting account, now both domain will work as a same site. if u need any help regarding this let me know.

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    Why not use your other domain to redirect to the other......i see this as a growing practice where a domain that's still getting some good traffic is purchased for the sole purpose of redirecting its visitors to an existing site that's built around the same niche.
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      use domain redirection in your domain control panel.
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