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first off...
Hello everyone... so I am new to ALL of this and I am already getting very nice CPA results (using compared to my adsense account.

I have a very strong background in .php and .asp and this came to very good use when I was applying for the different cpa offers.

I searched the forum and didn't find any "source code"/direct scripts that will help you out other than wordpress scripts.

Here's a simple/small raw php script that will rotate content for you!
In my situation I am using 728x90 banners:

$advert = array();

$advert[] = '<a href="link 1 here"><img src="banner 1 image here"></a>';
$advert[] = '<a href="link 2 here"><img src="banner 2 image here"></a>';
$advert[] = '<a href="link 3 here"><img src="banner 3 image here"></a>';

echo $advert[0];

if you have any questions or need any help just post them up!
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