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Hi guys, I have over 20 blogs over at These are all hosted at Blogger, but each has its own custom domain. For the years that I have used them, I have generally not run into any problems, but this week has been a disaster.

I was editing an old post on one my blogs and I made the change (quickly glanced at it) and went back in to change again. For some reason, this triggered some kind of bug and it stated that this was a potential spam blog that had to be reviewed and so I filled in the captcha and just waited a few days. When you visited any URL they threw up a stupid splash page stating that it was under review. Only last month for the same blog, Google had contacted me advising me to use image ads for Adsense. Typical.

Well, this morning I got the message that the site had been deleted (reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM). Not only this, but another two blogs had also been deleted saying the same thing (even though neither of those had any kind of warning).

I have spent hours looking over the web and this kind of thing seems to be happening all of the time (even more so now). Alike with Adsense, they provide no support at any time and just send the same old automated messages. The Blogger help forum is also completely useless.

I know I'm a moron for not self-hosting before now, but I figure now is a good time to GTFO. With 17 or so sites I have, there are plenty of tutorials around for moving the sites from Blogger to Wordpress (keeping hold of rankings and so on). I am not aware of the best hosting, but quite a few people say that BlueHost is a good one to head to?! Wordpress is obv the platform to go with.

The one issue I have is with these three deleted blogs (two of them are major money sites as well). I can no longer access these blogs, but there is a restore and send request button, which looks to be a complete waste of time bothering with from what I have read up on.

Is there any possible way to keep hold of these blogs or are they finished? Every post I have made can be found in the Google cache so re-posting them on a new platform wouldn't take too long, but setting all of Wordpress up probably would. Then there is DNS, the URLS, setting up Wordpress etc that is a bit cloudy.

Just thought I would seek some advice before diving in. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    the guys at blogpig have an csv importer, does blogger export to txt files?

    dreamhost is good, they sometimes have infinite bandwidth infinite hosting deals, and they have one click wp installs. It's slick.
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    Hey Ryan,

    I would love to assist you as you move your blogs over to your self-hosted sites. I know how much of a pain it is to make any type of migration from one host to another.

    Good luck on moving your sites over, sorry to hear about your 3 sites.

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    I can recommend bluehost! Been using it over 1.5 years, and I must say it's great!

    I know how much pain there is in website moving...

    I've found interesting article along with tutorial and a video here:

    How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress Without Losing Google PageRank or Search Traffic
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    To answer your question, which no one has seemed to address, yes, you've most likely lost everything that was in the 3 deleted blogs, unless Blogger somehow allows you access.

    You can rush and find the cached pages and get them copied, but beyond that there isn't a whole lot you can do.

    As for hosting, personally I prefer HostGator. As a developer, I've had a number of contacts with BlueHost over the years and found them to be...less than helpful, shall we say? My two cents on the hosting question.

    Back to the remaining blogs - I would definitely get them moved, or at the very least exported, before you lose ALL your access to them.

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    Thanks to everyone for the advice here. Ending up opting for BlueHost and am setting up all of the Wordpress blogs now (will be eating a fair few hours up lol). Cheers.
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  • follow this link there is complete information about your question

    Blogger to Wordpress
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