Question about old deleted web page?

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I have some old web pages that I deleted almost a year ago. I don't know how but they still show traffic hits, backlinks etc.

For example pages A and B were deleted:

I can't believe they would still somehow be cached after all this time. It is not a ton of traffic but I don't want visitors to see those pages. Should I build the page again and put a 301 redirect or what should I do?

Any help would be appreciated.
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    If there has been a page uploaded, it's kind of hard to erase it completely from Google and other search sites. The best thing to do is to redirect people from your 404 pages to your index page.
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    The easiest way for you would be to set some 301 redirects from the old pages to new ones.

    If you use PHP, it would be quite easy. Simple method:

    PHP | <?php // 301 Moved Permanently $loc = "http:// - Redirect

    This has the advantage that Google and other search engines will see what you want. When Google sees a 301 permanent redirect, it will modify its search results accordingly pretty quickly.

    If you need a specific solution to redirect certain pages to certain locations, just ask.

    I'm sorry for the link, but for some reason forum software removes all dollar signs from the text, making the code rather unreadable. Is this due to my low post count? Shame.
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