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Ok, so I have an idea for a Wordpress autoblog that scrapes the hottest trends from Google Trends and uses WP Robot to post it on the blog. I also need it to make sure that trend hasn't been posted on the blog before so it only needs to post new trends once.

Any idea on how to do this?
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    What you'd want is a script that builds a custom RSS feed to direct WP-robot too. The feed would be created with the relevant information from Google Trends.

    Two options
    1) You can make a spider that does on a regular basis using a cron job.

    2) A quick google search shows Googles does infact have an API for trends, although it is a python module. Not sure if this would be the best solution but it should help you in the right direction.
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    you could combine all the rss feeds into one using feedburner, then tell WPRobot to scrape that one - plus you can put adsense into it and other monetization options.

    i think either way, it will not post duplicate content from the same feed as I have never had that problem i don't know think
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