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I'm having serious issues with setting file permissions on my server. I didn't even know a thing about permissions and 666/777 and all that stuff until today when I started installing some plugins on my blog and had to deal with changes permissions.

Like I tried installing WP Super Cache and got a message saying my content folder of WP is writable, saying :
You should change the permissions on D:\Hosting\(myinfo) and make it more restrictive. Use your ftp client, or the following command to fix things:chmod 755 D:\Hosting\(myinfo).

I tried changing the permissions in both Dreamweaver 8, through my hosting provider, and with FileZilla, as well. Dreamweaver said "setting access properties failed for: (mysite)" and FileZilla was saying "command not understood". I'm not even sure what the permissions are set to as of right now. I assume it's a 777 which I've read is a massive security risk.

I know this post is a bit open ended but I really am daft when it comes to this so if someone who is better informed could give me some helpful advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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    In Filezilla, you should right-click on the directory or file on the remote site (shown in the right-hand pane) and select file permissions from the menu that pops up. In the file permissions dialog, just check or uncheck the permissions you want to set/unset. Then click the OK button and let Filezilla do the rest.
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    The paths you mention (eg d:\ whatever) suggest you're on a Windows server.

    But file and directory permissions (777, 755 etc) are Linux only and do not apply to Windows so that explains the "command not understood" error.



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    Neil has nailed it - you're trying to execute LINUX commands on a Windows server. Your instructions assumed that you had a LINUX server, which is by far the most common type.

    Although this article pertains to Joomla it does do a decent job of equating LINUX and Windows file permissions:

    Joomla and Windows file permissions - Explanation

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    Why would anyone use a Windows server?
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    Ah that would make sense then. I also didn't know Linus was the most common. I don't remember what I did when I signed up for hosting but I do see I have windows shared hosting. Is there a specific way to set permissions for Windows hosting then or do I not have anything to worry about in the first place?
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    it's easy to fix if you use putty or some sort of terminal software to get you there.

    putty is free: PuTTY Download Page
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    linux rules windows droolz: Linux versus Windows
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