Permalink Problem, ( I think ? )

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hello, i cant seem to get rid of these strange numbers and letters on my address bar when clicking on any of my blogs pages? here is an example of what i mean:

i have no idea how to get rid of the #axzz17r541Job

can anyone help me? :confused:
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    Probably need to see your source more.

    Did you install any scripts onto it?
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    I do not believe it is a permalink issue.
    If you think it is you should be posting your permalink structure from the settings.
    But I doubt it is.

    It's being added dynamically on page load and changes. Also it's a ID so it's suppose to be linking to something.

    My best guess is that it is coming from one of the many JavaScripts you are loading from plug-ins.

    The first that seems could be obvious is whatever wp-insert is for in the plug-ins.
    It's loading an edit area javascript and would most likely generate an ID.
    If it is that plug-in and or this plug-in is for editing something, I should not be seeing this or the script as it should be protected for only people with Edit permissions.

    Keep in mind having all of this stuff is hurting your sites performance. It loads quite slow for me.
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      PHPBBXPERT : Thanks for your reply. the first thing i did here was to deactivate the WP plugin { Wp-Insert } . The strange numbers and letters are still followed at the end , so this didnt work. it did, however, speed up my site a bit. I even cleared cache , cleaned up my database .
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        in a matter of fact, the strange numbers and letters change every once in a while when i re-load my page? I am really confused on why this is happening.
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    the plugin that is changing the containers color seems to be the "problem"

    I wouldn't worry about it. The dude is passing variables through GET or something. The difference in src html between with or without #crap is a different arrangement of container gifs.

    In short, it's something you added, don't worry about it, or remove the code randomizing the images.
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      how do i get rid of this? can you please tell me what i need to do becuase even though it may seem like no big deal, it looks very ugly.
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    there is code somewhere that is randomizing those images... whatever that code is, seems to be the problem. You need to just backtrack what you installed to your site.

    On the other hand you could do a DNS cloak if you want an always pretty url. Your hosting service should have a FAQ on how to cloak domains with them.

    I can only see the end result HTML, so I just loaded your page with and without the #crap and saw the difference.

    Other than that, I don't know what is happening... sorry friend
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    I think you are using the wrong terminology.

    By "Category link" are you referring to the URL for the category? In which case it would not show a post name, since a category is not a post itself.
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