How to periodically copy a web page while my computer is off?

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Hello, everybody! I am a newbie, so my question will probably sound
silly to you. I have one task that I don't know how to carry out - I need
to check one web page from time to time (preferably every 20
minutes) and record (=copy) its HTML code every time (the HTML
code of the page is allowed for copying) .

The problem is I can't keep my computer turned on all the time; plus,
I need to leave for work everyday. So, I guess, it should be some kind
of script that I could have run round the clock on some remote
windows server, right?

Do you have any idea how I could do it or what I should start with?
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    yup u need a script that run on a machine that run 24/7.. in your condition I guess the best would be a script that installed in a server.. But then u need to have a daemon process that runs 24/7 too so it will execute that script every 20 minutes. U need to check with your hoster whether they allow any daemon process for your accout..
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