google listing highjacked can anyone help

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can someone please point me in the right direction can the problem be fixed, what can i do?

my listing in google gets hijacked to this is not my site. when you click on my listing a java, php or a ram file pops up asking you to save it or open it. this is not my file.

it must be some malware designed to hijack my commission. how do i stop it?

thanks for your help
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    Does it do it when you type your site in the address bar?
    Without knowing what your site is, its kinda hard to tell.
    Message me on skype: blainjones, and I can help you if you want.
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      does not happen when i type in the address only when i click the google listing. the script i used to build the site was bans (build a niche store) i'm thinking it has a security problem. its no longer supported so i'm on my own.

      the last time i clicked on the listing it installed a java script. if i could read the source code of the applet it installed maybe it would tell me where the security issue is. but i dont know where the java script code is on my computer.

      sorry i dont have skype
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    it installed a javascript on your computer?
    might want to check that out

    As for your site, without knowing more, it sounds as if there was a hole in the software and/or incorrect file permissions. There are tons of bots looking for holes in scriptware and perhaps you got found. There is a chance that a whole bunch of files got infected.
    Do you know how to check the dates of your files? They will show the last date modified. Check any *.js files in particular, but any file may be susceptible....
    If you find files recently changed, you will have to open them for editing and find the common denominator, most likely at the bottom of the page, but not always, and remove it. There will be a line or two of javascript most often. There is a good chance there is an unrecognized URL in the code.

    It's a major pain in the *ss if you got hit and have a lot of files to deal with.
    Do you have a backup?

    yes, I am....

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      ken, i do not know how to check the dates. i'm trying to figure that out. i do have a back up but not knowing when i was attacked i dont know if the backup is infected.

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    you can use an ftp program such as filezilla to log in and check the file dates and permissions.

    Where are you hosted?

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      is the only way a java applet can be installed or downloaded when you click on a google listing is if the file has been uploaded to that websites server?

      i will check the dates. thank you so much for your help.

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    What's your website and where is the Google listing?
    You can PM me if you don't want to post it.

    yes, I am....

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