Learning from scratch. Where to start?

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I would like to start to learn how to code in PHP. Where should i start? I have no prior experience what so ever I am afraid.
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    Probably the easiest way to get your feet wet is to purchase the "Head First PHP & MySQL" book, search for it on amazon.

    The book is well written for beginners. From there, your best bet is to study other people's code. However, be ready to see a *lot* of stuff that will not make sense. PHP is a very "loose" language, meaning there are gazillion ways to do the same thing. The trick is to find the most *optimized* way.

    Good luck,
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      Use a php framework. It helps your development no end. Google php frameworks. The one I use is Codeigniter.
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        Originally Posted by CBSnooper View Post

        Use a php framework. It helps your development no end. Google php frameworks. The one I use is Codeigniter.
        Not when you start - he'll be in way over his head.

        Definitely a beginner book to start. Learn what variables, strings, and all that fun stuff is. Learn how to manipulate stuff with the functions built into php. learn how to make your own functions.

        Then read up on classes and Object Oriented programming with php. THEN if you want head over to the frameworks.

        You wouldn't try to write a history book with out learning the alphabet first - this is no different.
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          Start learning with wordpress. It has all the basics set up for you so you don't have to think about the details. You can then experiment by adding new functionality to an already existing theme.

          So here is what you can do:
          Download XAMPP windows apache+php+mysql bundle.
          Get wordpress and put it in the htdocs directory.
          Start playing with the theme files in the themes directory while you learn how php and sql databases work.

          XAMPP also comes bundled with phpMyAdmin interface for accessing your mysql database from your web browser. So you should be pretty much perfectly set up for learning how to code.

          Then you can get the books and all that. But I personally have always found it easier to learn by reading already existing code instead of a book. The books are good though to give you a complete overview of the language features..
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    This was the first PHP book I read and I loved it:

    Amazon.com: PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th...Amazon.com: PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th...
    Only.... I had the first edition... which was released in 2001. Good god I feel old now

    I'd steer clear of the frameworks and wordpress in the beginning. Crawl, then walk, then run
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      I would recommend you to learn the basics. So start from basic HTML and than move upto php. In php, I would recommend you w3schools. I have learnt alot from it and i always recommend everyone.
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    Download a php link trading or php video tube script, and start playing with it by adding your own code or trying to figure out what's going on. Go purchase some PHP For Dummie books too, believe it or not they actually work if you're willing to learn!
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    There are many video tutorial on youtube, many free websites that teaches PHP.
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