How to turn a web page into an application?

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Does anyone know how to do this? I know a lot of the old ebook compilers can, but I need one that will run the java script on a webpage. I've tried about four different compilers now that say they can, but none of them actually did.

Any ideas?

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    Hmmm, not sure I understand. Can you give an example?
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    I built a Google custom search engine and would like to save the web page as an application. Whenever I do that with a standard e-book compiler the java for the search engine does not show on the page.
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    What language is your site written in? PHP? Look for php to exe compiler. If it's just html/javascript same search - plenty of them like this:

    ZZEE PHPExe: compile your HTML and javascript into Windows GUI exe
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    I have a little program that puts an icon on the desktop of a users computer. When they click on it it opens the page. It's not really the same as an ordinary desktop icon.

    Take a look at the one I made here.

    It does NOT have any spyware, adware or virus's. I promise!
    I wrote this little program in VB5.

    Is this what you are trying to achieve?
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    Donnan, your link doesn't work

    If you want to turn your HTML file into exe file I HIGHLY recommend using HTML Executable. It has got tons of features, and I've been using it for a while.

    Creating an application doesn't require any knowledge or technical skills. You can be up and running in like 4 minutes. And executable looks fantastic.

    There are lots of configuration options, visualisation options and stuff like that.

    Here's the link (non affiliate, of course):

    HTML Executable - Website and Ebook Compiler Software

    P.S. they have a free trial that you can try. It will create fully working executable file, just it will have a "demo version" window coming when you launch your app. But demo will give you a good idea if program fits you.
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    Web expert here and has developed Websites like social networks, B2B Portals , Classified websites,File Sharing sites,Search Engines , Auction sites,Live Bidding sites,Corporate Intranets etc. Ping me up.
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    Hi Barris,

    You can also Turn Any Website into a Web Application by using IE9

    1. Open Internet Explorer 9.

    2. Browse to the desired site that you wish to turn into a web application.

    3. Click the Tools icon (the gear) on the far right side of the toolbar (or use the keyboard command, Alt+x). Mouseover File and select Add site to Start menu.
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    You can convert your webpage into an destop application by using this free desktop application. You can download the software from here too. Turn web applications into desktop applications with Bubbles
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    I too was going to suggest HTML executable I haven't used it but I have it on my list of things to try. Would love to hear if others have used it.
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    Thank you everyone -- it looks like HTML Executable might be what I am looking for.

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      You can covert web page into web application by using any programming language and add dynamic pages. By this purpose your site will be converted into web application.
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