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Hello Everyone,
I've been having a serious problem with my RSS feed for at least two months now. It's been updating extremely slow and now it is slower than ever. My last post showing is January 27, but I have written 6 articles since then in the month of February. All not showing.

Also only showing up to January 27 on iPad when I call up the site. None of my february posts are showing.

Not sure what I've added (plugins, etc.) when the problem began because I'm not sure when it did. A customer asked about it.

Tested feed via Feedburner's instructions - they see a valid RSS feed - both blog and feedburner. Not sure what the problem is.

Blog: Article Marketing Strategies by Article Marketing Expert Lisa Angelettie
Feed: Article Marketing Strategies by Article Marketing Expert Lisa Angelettie

Is there an expert out there that can point diagnose my feed's condition?

Thanks In Advance,
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    I don't know what you're seeing, but your feed through feedburner is showing posts all the way through today.

    You must have gotten it fixed.

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    Just a guess... but I wonder if you might have a cache plugin that is causing the trouble. The objective of a cache plugin is to create a saved version of a page and show it to visitors, only refreshing the page every so often to speed things up. If there is a malfunction, it could explain why you're not seeing updated pages.

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      I'm going to check on that. I do have a cache plugin installed that I wasn't 100% sure about setting up properly. Thanks.

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