Open Source Editor for Mac?

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I'm going to be travelling for about a week and will have access to a Mac while I am away.

I will need a code editor to use on this machine, I currently use PS Pad on my Windows machines and Scream on my LINUX boxes. But I have no experience with editors for the Mac.

I Googled it of course and came up with JEdit and Smultron, although it looks like Smultron isn't actually free (I certainly don't want to buy an editor to use for a week and leave on someone else's machine!).

I also noticed that Ultra Edit has a free trial for the Mac, I used to use this on the PC and liked it a lot. Not sure if the trial version has any limitations though.

I was wondering what the Mac lovers out there used as an editor? I don't need a wealth of features, just something that can highlight PHP, HTML and CSS syntax.

Thanks for any input.

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    Ya can´t beat EMacs!!!!!

    But that´s just my old-school programming vibe talking.

    But seriously, a couple of years ago UltraEdit had just an annoying message box that popped when the trial period ended. Nowadays I think you can even buy their license and get the program for both Win and Mac.
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      Mac has iWEB but I think thats for if you do not wish to code its a click and drag WYSIWYG type editor. Sorry I was no help probably LOL.
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    bbedit is the best for coding on a mac

    taco html edit is nifty as well, and it's free
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    After PSPad I found Textwrangler on Mac very easy to use. It's also free...

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    TextMate is great, but not open source.
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    Vim is what I use every day, but if you're not used to vi it's quite likely you'll find it unfriendly.

    Next on the list is TextWrangler

    You could also try Komodo, which looks pretty decent editor too.

    Smultron has a wealth of functions but looks pretty slim and nice, but seems to be discontinued or not maintained, so not sure if you want to invest your time in it.
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    Komodo Edit is good, and so is Apples' SDK program (xCode), it highlights and gives hints.
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