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When I create a video for a local business and post to YouTube, I usually include their phone number in the description, just underneath the video. I noticed that when I play the video on my friend's Dell tablet, the phone number is now clickable.

This is not the case with my regular desktop browser or cellphone.

I found out later that the Dell tablet has Skype, and that's (I guess) enough to trigger the "automatic" transformation to being clickable.

Is there an html code (or any other method) to make the phone number "active", for typical cell phone users?
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    yes, you use a tel: prefix in the HREF of the link as described here

    It looks like this:
    HTML Code:
    <a href="tel:555-555-5555">555-555-5555</a>
    It's best to detect mobile before you do this, since it creates an invalid link and just will confuse desktop users. Not sure why the link didn't show for you on your cellphone though, maybe that site needs to update its mobile detection script. Then again, maybe it was just the Skype plugin, and had nothing to do with this.
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    thanks for sharing. looks interesting to me!
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    Awesome! Gonna try it -- Thanks wayfarer!!!!!

    edit: tried in YouTube's description box. YouTube wouldn't allow it.

    Gonna keep looking!
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    Hey Drakuul,

    Yea, this can work ...

    And this kinda caught my attention to see what can actually be done,

    For Skype Users ONLY

    Step 1). Open up notepad and paste this php code in.

    header( 'Location: skype:+61395276992?call' ) ;

    Change the blue part to the phone number you want the user to call.
    i.e. +XX (Country Code) (area code) (number).

    Save as ClickHereToCallUs.php
    (or something attractive to the user).

    Step 2).

    Upload it to your server.

    Step 3).

    Add it to your youtube description with instructions that your prospects
    need skype and 'click to call' etc...


    http: //

    throw in some benefits, coupon codes and strong reasons to call.

    When the user clicks this link with skype turned on, they'll
    get a series of messages asking them if they want to Call the the number etc.

    Step 4).

    Collect your money from your clients

    For Regular Cell Phone Users.


    Click 'Telephone Number' and enter clients phone number (obviously) lol.
    Pick a color if you want,

    but add the QR Code (funny image thing) to your clients youtube video
    and Instruct your viewers to download either;

    QRReader (for iphone) or
    I-Nigma (for an android based phone).

    Tell your viewer to run the app and 'scan' the QR Code via
    their smart phones camera (tell them to click 'pause' in the youtube video to scan it).

    The app will automatically pickup the phone number in the
    QR Code (funny image thing) and start to dial it.

    Then you can add this QR code to ALL of your clients
    advertising (including their website, google map and other info, etc) ...

    and collect more checks

    - aj
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    For Mobile Phones

    You can also do what Wayfarer suggests and change the blue part of
    the php code to

    header( 'Location: tel:+61395276992' ) ;

    This will work just like the skype method (in the php file),
    and you might want to have message in your description box like;

    Have skype? http: //
    Have Mobile Phone? http: //

    I think you get the idea

    Hope this helps,
    Just interesting to know it works ... might come in handy one day
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    As phones get smarter we're going to be seeing more and more of this stuff.
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    On a side note:
    This just reminded me of something. I'm with a voip company where I have the ability to add my little bit of code that shows a box where the website visitor can enter in their phone number, whether that be a land line, mobile etc and they call me for Free!

    It's a bit like a global toll free number.

    I've not had a use for it as yet, but it's there...

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    I have to say there must be something wrong on the website the OP is talking about.

    All the phone numbers (except that in HTML code brackets) in the posts above are clickable when reading the WF with my iPhone.

    I just made a test post here:

    and the number is clickable again on my iPhone.

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      iPhones and some other smart phones will pick up the phone numbers (with their own mobile browsers)...

      but majority wont... so you gota get a little creative
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        thanks for sharing the wonderful tips.
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          I know this is old but thought I might revive it and get some feedback from you guys...anyone know how to add a click to call link IN THE VIDEO ? thanks

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            Does anyone know how to add a click to call link inside a you tube video description box so that mobile users viewing your video can click and call the number in the description box?
            HTML tags with < inside brackets> do not work. It has been 2 years since this question has been asked, anything new yet with this type of feature?

            thank you.
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    the only method I have found that is successful is described above as AJWilson any rate, no annotations show on mobile. All info on mobile has to be within the original video, as far as I know. would be great if someone would share any success they have had with mobile ..thanks !!

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    Usually Youtube Videos do not show the overlays on mobile phones, however you can place links that will complete what you are looking for. There is also software out there that can determine if it is a mobile phone or desktop/tablet and show the appropriate link.
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    appreciate the involvement of members here...just dont understand the partial answers...
    there is a way to do this ...Offline wars
    you can place links that will complete what youre looking for ..Howlerckc
    what I do know is that I have seen videos with a click to in the video ...
    I am going to add a click to call picture inside my video , then do an annotation to the page on my website that has a click to call link ...still doesnt show on mobile, but I have my mobile website set to click to call , so if they go there from the video ..I get the call....

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    try this on the click to call icon in the video and tell me what happens ? I would kill for a thumbnail thisbig ongoogle !

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