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Hey Team,

I got some squeeze page templates, which i need to alter with my own text etc but also add my email autoreponder code to.

Would someone please show me how to change the text and add the code to the page that i have, I have opened the squeeze template file into NVU and changed the text etc but where it says in the squeeze (paste email code here) it is staying as code.

I hope it makes sense but basically when i copied and pasted my email autoresponder code into the area that i should, it satayed as code instead of diplaying the optin form.

im not sure which tab i should have selected when i paste the code ie, normal, html tags or source But ive tried them all and cant get the code to display as form, even when i click preview it is still code?

Any help would be really appreciated, i know it is something stupid simple, but hey that is me!

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    Any help would be really appreciated, i know it is something stupid simple, but hey that is me!
    Well it's good that you asked and it's not always obviously simple if you've never done it before...and never stupid!

    So, lets see - you've added in your AR code and it's showing as the code on the page.

    Ok, these editor programs like NVU and all its friends have two types of basic views... One is called Normal, which you can type in like a word document and see the results.

    The other View will be called Source which shows the actual HTML....

    These are to be found down the lower left of the editing screen.

    So to add in your HTML code, you should click on the Source tab where you will be greeted by all the HTML Code.

    Then find the spot and copy and paste your AR's HTML code into it and if you click on the Normal View you should see it being displayed as expected.

    HTML Lives with HTML.

    What you have done by pasting it in using the Normal View is just taking it as normal text and not as HTML.

    A bit of a wordy description for 1am in the morning but I hope that helps.


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