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I just read an article where someone says that they are getting the referring search keyword for a visitor by using the google analytics API but they failed to say how they did this.

I tried to find documentation on this but couldnt find it.

Does anyone know how to do this?

The reason I want to do this is so that I can determine the referring search keyword of a visitor without having to write a complicated RegEx to parse the referring URL.

Many thanks
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    Well someone else will have to answer you regarding the google analytics but you can also...

    1. Use Cpanel - AWStats to see what keywords folk have used to land on your site ( doesn't show what pages) and
    2. tends to show you a few as well - really more a summary than anything else.


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    I am trying to grab the referring keyword at runtime so i can use it in my code. If someone has a c# url parsing subroutine that takes into account most major search engines that will also work also. I really hate regex so ideally dont want to do this the long way.

    I am trying to enter the keyword into a custom field when someone signs up on my squeeze page so I can track which keywords make me sales.
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