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how would you all go about checking to see if a link is indexed using PHP code, I just need some possible solution and I can use it for my project, basically I need to test to see if a single link is indexed..because I have a database of backlinks, and I am going to loop through each one of them to see if there indexed or not..

heres the solution i came up with, do you think this would work for what i have in mind?

$url= "urlhere";
$googlesearch = "$url";
$handle = fopen($googlesearch, "rb");
$contents = stream_get_contents($handle);
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    if it will work, it will work and then you will get blocked,

    actually, this prolly won't work depending on your host

    use cUrl or file_get_contents() though fgc may be turned off on some hosting.
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    I wasn't going to do anything BlueFart with it.. I just wanted to organize my backlinks and show which ones has been indexed, and which ones hasn't been indexed...

    I could use yahoo site exployer to check but I heard there going to be getting rid of that soon..

    im developing this in xampp and I have curl enabled.. it was turned off by default tho...
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