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by Aduley
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Sorry I am fairly new to php, I think it is great but I am just getting the hang of it.

I don't know if any of you have used GoldenCAN before, but basically it is a datafeed. Importing books from amazon to display on my page is what I was looking to do.

Anyway, they gave me the php code to install on my blog. I tried putting it in some different template folders in my wordpress theme directory like custom_template and no_sidebars.

It displays lol but not at all well. It is all the way on the bottom of the page under my footer and it is expanded to cover the whole width of the window!

Like I said I am new to php, so I figure there is something that I have to put into the code that I got from GoldenCAN to make it kick out the correct html alignments?

Or am I just completely off base with this one? If anyone could point me in the right direction or has some input I would be truly thankful.

Thanks everyone

Andrew Duley
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    Sounds like you should be looking to style it with CSS first. If the HTML it is generating is not too complex, this should be the easiest approach. This way you won't even need to bother with manipulating the PHP.
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    Thank you Wayfarer, you will have to excuse additional dumb questions. Would I just wrap the whole code block in a <div id ?

    I am going to keep toying around with it, maybe put it in the no_sidebars file and see what I can do.
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      Well the thing to do is to try it, without knowing exactly what its got in it to define its size as it sounds like it's "busting" out of the page.

      So yes, try wrapping it in a <div class="goldencan"> </div>
      and see if defining the width helps...

      .goldencan {

      or whatever size you want it to be..

      I'm looking at joining it so I can see the code and possibly use it myself - goldencan that is...

      I did see on the site that they mention you can alter the appearance but didn't find out how... Maybe a look on the site regarding that may also help.

      Have you got a link to a page that shows the current situation?


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    Thank you very much for the answer. Here is a link to my page: Duley Guitars
    If that doesn't work let me know.

    If you scroll all the way down it is at the bottom, and like you said it seems to have "busted" out of the page. If you want I can send you the PHP code that they gave me for the page. I think it would look pretty slick once I get it aligned correctly.

    So I think I will try the div thing again. I tried a minute ago and it didn't work. I do however use the thesis theme and I tried putting it in a function using the add_action ('thesis_hook_after_header') hook, so maybe I screwed up there.
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