Recommendations on creating a public database? Basic social networking script recommendations?

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I'm a bit of a newbie to IM, but am a quick learner for website design.

Simply, I want to create a database of sorts, but am unsure of where to go from here.

I don't want to give away my niche, so I'll relate it to something else.

Imagine the niche of snowboarding. I want the enthusiast to register, and then be asked for a picture of themselves, and then asked to upload a picture of their gear, and then allow them to leave detailed descriptions of their gear (people love to brag).

Also, I want them to be able to select from a list where they snowboard at .. (from a drop down menu, with pre-determined locations I've entered, and option for 'Other' if they snowboard at a place I haven't listed)

And then I want other users (like myspace-fashion) to be able to search for other users, either by location, by gear used, or etc.

What I want ultimately, is to create a database of enthusiasts, documenting where they practice their hobby, and what gear they are using, and make it searchable by the public. So the enthusiast could find other enthusiasts, and possibly carpool, or make new friends.

Would it be best to find a social-networking script and tweak it? I know very little about PHP. The easier and simpler, the better. I don't require many features, I just want to create an electronic database of enthusiasts.

Hope I've been clear enough of on what I'm asking for. Thanks for your time.

ergh////edit: Sorry I believe I put this into the wrong subforum :X
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    What you probably need is the script from warrior CarlosGarcia It is a myspace type script. Very good one, I might add.
    Go look for the info here:
    WSO Addicts Blog

    AKA "webnetincome" before the big name changes!
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    In this case I think it's best to create a simple database from scratch. User registration and search function, it's easier than trying to customize and existing script. Try asking for a quote here on WF
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      I'm personally installing/testing Elgg as we speak, so I will get back to you with my opinions on Elgg.
      Elgg demo site

      Elgg was developed with the educational industry in mind, but can be customized for any use. Many universities throughout the world have adapted the social software to fit their needs.

      PHPizabi - Create Worlds

      PHPizabi is another social networking script that charges a fee to remove their branding. They are rapidly approaching 100,000 downloads of their software, and have a few impressive-looking demo sites listed on their website.

      Dolphin :: Smart Community Builder :: Free Software
      BoonEx (demo)

      Dolphin, from Boonex, is a popular free community-building application that is being used for a number of dating sites. Many modifications have been developed, however many of them are only available for a fee. There is also a cost associated with removing the company's links from your site.


      AroundMe is an open source social networking app that supports OpenID. They are based in Sweden. We haven't seen many sites running on the platform.

      - Jared


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    Also try free or premium account.

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    I personally build everything from scratch for a few simple reasons.

    1. I have more control over the functionality I build into the site.

    2. I dont have to go chase bugs down like I would when using alot of free open source.

    3. I have something that is 100% custom that nobody else has.

    There are many scripts out there that do not block hackers, countries, sql injection, bad bots, and etc and these are the things that you want to make sure you do have in your site.

    Building it from scratch takes more time but I am more about quality myself and I personally would recommend building a site from scratch.

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