How to tell if a proxy is HTTP, or SOCKS, or ???

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Hello, WFers

Where is there a (freeware?) program, or an online site,
where I can plug in a single Proxy, like IPort
and it will tell me what type of proxy that is.

I want to know if it's HTTP, or SOCKS, or whatever.

Thanks, in advance.

#http #proxy #socks
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    I have been working with ProxyFire for a long time and it provides very good results. Maybe you want to check it out.

    There is pretty much everything you need to know on the site, so you may want to check it out.

    Want to read my personal blog? Tashi Mortier

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    yepp ProxyFire for me as well.

    Please no Dog Fight links!

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    Elite Proxy Switcher works pretty good too.. But im not sure if it provided information about if the proxy is HTTP or Socks.

    Regardless, read this article: jguru.(com)/faq/view.jsp?EID=227532
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      Hey... THANKS Very Much, people.
      Very helpful info.
      I LIKE that ProxyFire website.

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