Bluehost users...please help! ftp question.

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Hi all,

i would like to know how to set up ftp. first of all, do i need to setup a mysql database? or do i go straight to the ftp setup page on bh's cpanel? in hostgator i must create mysql db first and then create ftp account.

please advise me on this and layout the details (steps from a to z) so i don't miss anything. i have a problem with my internet today so it's slow and as a result i can't view the tutorial vids on bh.
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    Try going straight into creating ftp accounts in cPanel. There is no risk involve as long as your using secure password. You can check right away if you can access your hosting via an ftp client.
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    Not sure what you mean. Get an FTP client (fireFTP or FileZilla are my favs), put in your info (should easily find this on bluehost) and you are connected. The chat feature in bluehost usually helps me get quick results.
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    ok, i got the answer. i will try to use the built-in ftp (unlimited ftp).

    thanks for the replies, guys.
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