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Is PHP is the user friendly language ? if your question is yes, then give me a reason?

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    like everything you get out of it what you put into it. it can go from basic to extreme depending on what you want to do with it. are you trying to learn how to program? that's always fun. try to do simple stuff then build up. although even when i first learned i created an early bird script. it worked but it was way to much coding. my 20 lines turned into 5 in the hands of a pro.

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    User friendly?

    PHP has nothing to do with users but with programmers. The applications you can create with PHP can be user friendly or not... depends the programmer skills.

    Now if your question is "PHP a true beginner developer friendly", I would say it depends on you, programming could be a passion or a pain in the neck, it depends if you get the "virus of programming" or no.

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    Do you have any programming skills? For example I tried to learn vb.net. Because I was accustomed to c++ syntax, the vb syntax made me sick to my stomach. I prefer php because it resembles c++. For me, it is programmer friendly.
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    PHP is probably your best bet because:

    - Its usually readable code. Compared to many other languages you can almost literally read PHP code left to right, top to bottom.
    - You don't need special software to write the PHP code
    - PHP and it's available extensions will do just about anything you need them to do
    - Not too tedious... its possible to have just a few lines of code do great things
    - Its free
    - PHP hosting is popular and cheap

    - Function names can be a little inconsistent. PHP's beginnings were humble, and there are exceptions to naming conventions and argument order
    - There are several syntax "cheats" and "shortcuts" that can make reading and maintaining the code more difficult. This is particularly annoying if you're looking at someone else's code who thinks these "cheats" are the best thing since sliced bread.
    - PHP is just a language and offers no architectural structure to your programs. A new PHP programmer will likely write lots of repetitive and non-reusable code. Consider learning Zend Framework, CakePHP, or Symfony
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    Good info above. Can go from simple to extreme. I like PHP because I found it easier for me to do basic things like db's, etc over Perl and VB.net over C++. Everybody is different so it will depend on what you are doing and how you like working with it. PS- those were the college days and did I mention I hate programming? haha

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    Hello warriors!

    I agree that PHP is a good bet, however it seems that there are only few people who prefers to use it.
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    Not trying to start a war, but.....few people who? PHP is at 33% while ASP is 21% of all worldwide Internet websites. And, the sum total of all other languages (PERL, ColdFusion, Python, C, Ruby, etc) are 45%.
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