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One of my sales pages has a flash video that plays automatically when the page loads. There is some javascript code in the <head> tag that I am assuming controls how the video displays and plays. (I don't know anything about javascript.) I would like to use an exit popup on this page which also uses javascript. Is that possible, or will the two conflict? Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!
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    The code you currently have is likely a function that is called from somewhere else in your page. Having additional functions should not cause any problems.
    - Russ
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    Thanks, Russ! I really appreciate it. I know just enough to be "dangerous." Thanks for taking the time to help me out!
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    the only issue you may come up against is namespace collision. i.e. if the two scripts use the same name to refer to something.

    You should install the firebug extension into firefox and enable the "console" - this will show you any problems with the javascript and where they occur.
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