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I hope this is the right place for this enquiry, if not I apologise.

Some weeks ago, I noticed that GA was not displaying any statistics for my blog.

Due to distractions I forgot it and got on with other things.

However, a few days ago I investigated again, and found no statistics since a 'blip' in January.

I'm no techie, but checked all the tips Google had to offer, which appeared to be correct.

Without me fumbling about in the code, does anyone know how to get this important info to show?

I will appreciate any help. Thanks

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    You must have a problem with the tracking code.
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      1) Check If your profile for the website indicates that GA is all good (tracking everything), then move to next step. If it indicates that website is not being tracked yet, then grab the google analytics code for the site, and re-insert into the website.
      2) check where in your plugin or theme's settings you have added the analytics code. It may not be there anymore for whatever reason (update to plugin or theme, etc.). If it's not there, re-insert it. If it is there, then move to next step.
      3) Check your site's source code. In other words, go to your site, right-click, and select 'view page source'. A text file of your site's source code will show. Within it, if you do not see the google analytics code, it means the plugin or theme is NOT correctly outputting the analytics code onto your site's pages. Contact theme developer, plugin author, or just get a new theme/plugin.

      All the best.
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        Hi Charlie,

        I have three sites on google analytics and I couldn't sign in to any of them - just took me to the new GA sign-up page.

        I check my GA plugin and it had my UA#, but GA had nothing.

        Should I sign up again, start over, and get on with my life?

        BTW - if you delete GA WP pluggins, would that affect the GA site? I didn't think so, but could it?

        If you have time, please let me know. much appreciated.
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    Hi Alan,
    You have mentioned that you are using a blog i assume that the platofrom that you are using is wordpress. if that's the case then you can install a wordpress plugin called "Google Analytics".

    You can go to wordpress website and search for the plugin or google it also.

    It's a nice piece of plugin that really makes easy to install google analytics tracking code into your blog.

    hope this reply will help you solve your problem.
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    This may be one of those things you will just have to troubleshoot your way through. If you haven't already, do a view -> source with your browser when you are on your pages that should have tracking code installed. Be sure everything looks correct. Just because it looks ok on the back-end of your blog doesn't mean that tracking code is loading properly.

    Do you have any other sites within your analytics account? Do they look ok? You could try creating a sub-domain, create a new tracking code for it, submit a few yahoo answers that point to both your main site and the sub-domain and see what you get. That would be a way to test to see if any tracking code within your account is working or not.
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