Please Help Me!!! This Should Be a Easy Fix For Someone That is Very Good With WordPress

by Jwest
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I need some major help, because I am getting a headache trying to figure out my wordpress problem..

I am using Absolum 1.1.1 by Theme4Press

Now, Every time I make a post it automatically puts in this crazy code of
&<<em>strong>nbsp; or <<em>strong> .. I delete it and it comes back when I view the page. Its very very annoying, and it keeps showing up... How do I get rid of it permanently?

I am a newbie on Wordpress, but I have built another blog with a different theme and had no problems like this. So I am guessing it has to do with something with the theme I am using..

Can somebody please help me?? I would greatly appreciate it!!!


#easy #fix #good #wordpress

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