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Okay that sounds like a strange question since most people want to get the googlebot to visit. But I just bought a more advanced wordpress theme than I'm used to and I need time to work out the kinks first before it goes live.

I know there has to be some code you can but in to keep the bot out. Could someone please let me know what that is and in which folder do I put it in?

My hosting account has several domains and I don't want anything that might mess up the googlebot from visiting those sites. Does some kind generous hearted warrior know what I can do?

Thanks in an advance so much...
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    Make a new file named robots.txt, and in it, put
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /
    Upload that file to the root folder of your site. That will tell any robot or spider that pays attention that you don't want the site indexed.

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      Thank you Steve,

      That would be the one, appreciate the help.

      Have a blessed and prosperous day!

      Dolores Pepper
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    Yes in wordpress > Admin Panel > Settings > Privacy > check the radio box I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors. Best done via the wp-admin panel rather than via .htaccess file manually
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    Hi Dolores,

    if there's stuff on those pages that you don't want to be publically available for protection reasons (sounds a bit like it), you might need more protective measures, as people will still be able to access content...
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    Use a robots.txt robots exclusion file
    The robots exclusion standard, as articulated in the robots.txt protocol, says that spiders should look for a plain text file called robots.txt in a site’s top (root) directory. To exclude all robots from crawling directories called sales and images, the following syntax is used:
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /sales/
    Disallow: /images/

    A common error is to forget the trailing slash – we even spotted this error in a recent google blog post.
    User-agent: googlebot
    Disallow: /sales

    will stop any file beginning with sales* from being indexed – not usually what you want. In this case, we have limited the exclusion to googlebot. See our article on search engine spiders for a list of spider bots associated with each of the major search engines.
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