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I have purchased 5 different scripts from idevSpot : Website Apps for Online Businesses : PHP Scripts and would really like to modify them to use one signup and login across all 5 of them. Not being a programmer, I am wondering if this is possible or feasible?

I can host them all one one domain if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any information!
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    As long as they're all pulling from the same authentication repository (database, hard coded, text file, whatever), then there should be no problem other than programming them to DO the authentication.

    But when you say "scripts" i think of a 1 page thing, that does 1 thing, and i get the feeling that you're sharing it with others (?). If so, you would be exposing your authentication details to whomever has a copy of the script. If it's not distributed, but used over a website, then you're cool, just hook them all into the same file/db.
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