Where is the htaccess file in Adtrackz?

by prism
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I'm trying to add a quick link for an affiliate program. Adtrackz says to modify the htaccess File with a snippet of code for the quicklink. Problem is, I can't find the ht access file.

It's not in the adtrackz folder either on the computer or the server. Can anyone enlighten me?

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    Ok first things with DOT Files, as the filename is .htaccess which is htaccess with a DOT in front of it , strangely enough.

    DOT files are called Hidden Files, So to say you cannot see them does not mean that they aint there!

    If you are using FTP software - there will be a setting to let you view hidden (dot files). By default FTP is blind to them.

    But if you are using Cpanel's FileMangler (which I do like, but anything with Manager in it always prone to get mangled ) You should be able to see your DOT htaccess File

    So after all that, if you still cannot see it, that means that it isn't there. So the other option is to create one yourself, whack in the code that you've been shown and Bob is your Auntie!

    Also the file in question may be in your public_html folder ( if that is what your root folder is called) BUT if the commands for the htaccess are specific to your app, then create it in that folder.

    This is only a suggestion for you to try and I'm not putting any part of my anatomy on the line for this. So try it and see what happens. It's how you learn!


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      Thank You Tim.

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