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I hope this is the correct sub-forum to post this.

Our server has Plesk 8.5.
Plesk itself is up to 9.5 I believe.

Our server compan(ies) are Rackspace and ServerBeach.
Neither of them support Plesk beyond the 8.5, because they say there are too many problems with the later versions of Plesk.

And those two companies are not the only ones doing that.

My boss and I have been learning that cPanel has way too many security issues. Our server Admin (who is THE go-to guy that Rackspace/Serverbeach uses) says he wouldn't touch cPanel with a 10ft pole. (not his exact words, but that's the sentiment).

So ... what other options are there for server interfaces if Plesk 8.5 becomes too old for the current technology, but none of the newer versions are being supported and cPanel is not a viable option?

We have a Linux server.

I'll be acquiring the company here in a few months and have a steep learning curve to climb, even though we have server support as mentioned above. But I still want to know what's going on, even if I don't have the tech know-how to fix it. Ya know?

So, for those who own servers/hosting companies ... can we get a discussion going on server interfaces ... and what the near future (and far future) will be in regards to Plesk and others?
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    Well I'm with DreamHost and they have made their very own control panel for users which is industry unique. Check the screenshots here: DreamHost proprietary hosting control panel on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    1. Global Movies Database = $489.95 = 1.5 GB data + 65.9 GB images.

    2. World Hotels Database = $589.95 = 1.54 GB data + 71.4 GB images.

    3. Auto Parts Database = $489.95 = 15.8 GB data + 30.4 GB images.

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    I tried using plesk before with registerfly and sad to say, the features of pleask is too far behind cpanel..
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    Actually, you will have to think about user base opinion before you decide which control panel to use.
    I am a system administrator and cPanel is the one I vote for. It is the most popular, powerful, asked for control panel in the industry nowadays.
    As of security, your system admin should work to secure the vulnerabilities he is saying exists, but I wont trade cPanel for plesk because of that.
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    Compared to version 8, Plesk 9 has much better interface, desktop alike design, neat point and click. Additional features that i look up mainly for automation and support on virtuozzo. 140 application that can easily be installed in simple steps, similar to fantastico in cPanel.

    I prefer cPanel. Easier for rebranding. Simple html interface, easy for programmer to make custom automation jobs. E.g. creating hundreds domain in one click. I think Plesk has their own API to do this, learning curve is bit steep.

    A lot of Plesk features that i don't need. And, I don't like that kind of interface to administer my servers.

    I personally think, it's like comparing yahoo mail interface. Plesk is similar to the new ajaxed one, and cPanel is the old. Both still pertain same functionality, and support to latest technology.

    Wish You All Great Success in 2015 :)

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      Directadmin: I like Directadmin very much. Very light weight and you can do many stuff thru web interface. I agree, it don't have bells and whistles of cpanel. But worth a look.

      Lxadmin: Another is lxadmin. I don't have muh experience with it, but look at that site.

      H-Sphere: Another good one with many integrated software like support system, payment gateways etc.

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    If you are going to start a host, a good alternative is DirectAdmin.

    For personal, or if your not selling hosting, LXAdmin is extremely good.
    It's a bit harder to setup at first, but performance is much faster than any other control panel.
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