H1,H2,H3 tags in Wordpress CMS???

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Okay, stupid question... But I'm noob when it comes to codes.

I want to optimize my new site, it's installed in Wordpress CMS but I couldn't find where the H1, H2, and H3 tags to fill on. Where can I find it? :confused:

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    Your <tags> are controlled from your wordpress theme CSS files, you can view those in appearance, editor, (if you know how to edit them) or you can read up on the subject, here, CSS « WordPress Codex
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    I just asked this question to other IM last month. Here is what they said. Go to site or page. View source. Then, you will see what your wordpress theme is doing. Each theme does different things. Also, if you are using a SEO plugin, they all do different things. Only by looking at the view source will you know what is happening.

    Hope that helps!!!!!!

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      wow - these are some strange answers. It looks like a lot of people on this forum just post for the sake of posting.

      Heading tags:

      H1 Tag:
      Usually the h1 tag is set by the theme to be the title of the post of page.

      H2, H3 tags:
      You can add these into your content using the visual editor. First click the icon called "show kitchen sink", highlight the text that you want to be a heading, then where it says "paragraph" change it to h2, h3,etc

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    Ye, each WP theme has its own preset of H1, H2, H3,... tags.

    You'll need to edit certain source files of your theme in case you want to change H1 to H2..

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    Digging further into this topic, is there an easy way to optimize my home page, when the theme itself doesn't display H1 and H2 tags properly for the home page? All my posts are optimized because I'm using a plugin.

    It's just my home page that I need to fix. Any easy solutions? I'm Ok with WordPress I would just need to know where to put the code.

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    Heading tags:

    H1 ,H2 and H3 tags:
    H1 tag is set by the theme to be the title of the post of page.
    H2 and H3 tags are used for paragraph heading and content headings.
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