How to Rearrange Order of CSV files so that Telephone # is First

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How can I Rearrange the Order of CSV files so that Telephone # is First, the first name is second and Last name is third when I have a CSV file with email first, then first name then last name and phone number si in an indeterminate location somewhere in each file after the person's address?
I have leads from 3 separate double-optin lad systems and I am trying to load them as a file into the Call-Em-All system. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    if i understand you situation properly: you have a CSV file and would like to rearrange the columns into the desired order? is that correct?

    if so, and the number of rows in these files can be read by your current version of your spreadsheet program, import them into the spreadsheet program, specify that you are importing a "delimited" text file, and simply click and drag the columns into the proper order. save as another csv file (assuming the final program you want to read it into takes csv).
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      open the file in Excel and you will easily be able to rearrange the columns.

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    i am newbie
    i still don't know anything. LOL
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